Integrative Oncology By Dr Thomas Lodi

Healing Cancer With Life’s Energy

This is the path that lead me to become a Philosopher, a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a pioneer in Integrative Oncology and Metabolic Medicine.

When I was very young, my only true interests were the nature of the universe and the human experience.  Therefore, by the time I reached 19 years of age, I had dropped out of the university and moved to India, where I was to remain for approximately 2 years until I hitchhiked my way back to the US throughout an entire, glorious year.

Once I was back in the West, I thought that by working in the field of psychology I could continue nurturing my passion for the truth, especially with regards to the human experience.

Ultimately, after working with many people while wearing my “psychology glasses”, I came to realize that I simply did not know enough…I did not understand the physical aspects of existence…physiology and pathology (“disease”), so I went to medical school.

Hence, my journey began with spirit then to mind and then the body

integrative oncology

As a philosopher, I realized that these distinctions between spirit, mind, and body are not real but seem to be necessary to comprehend and discuss these subjects….for in truth, we are not three subdivided parts fitted together, but rather are a complex unity, consisting of those three qualities or aspects that have become known as ‘mind-body-spirit’.

I worked for about ten years in intensive care, cardiac care, and emergency rooms before I realized that this paradigm does not allow people to heal.  So, I left the conventional, allopathic model to study and train in other healing modalities from all around the world until I finally settled down in New York to begin a practice in integrative oncology and metabolic medicine, with the foundation of nutrition and lifestyle.

Integrative Oncology Defined

Integrative oncology is an emerging and powerful field of study and clinical application, whose mission it is to bring together all of the healing modalities and disciplines from around the world and to integrate them into a complex, unified system that is necessary to adequately care for human beings suffering from cancer, or any other deviation from health for that matter.

The paradigm shift that is required to sufficiently care for human beings must view humans, as every other creature; aspects or manifestations of nature. 

Furthermore, once it is acknowledged that nature is perfect and operates under the law of necessity, it becomes clear that any process that the body is undergoing in order to maintain its functional integrity, whilst swimming in a “sea of toxins” is absolutely necessary in order to maintain life and function. 

And, that the primitive concept of “disease” as being some sort of “entity” that has taken up residence in the body is beyond absurd. 

This irrational and superstitious view of illness, which sees “disease” entities possessing humans, has the equally absurd notion that ‘cures’ must be conjured up in the form of magic potions (pharmaceuticals) to eradicate the objectionable and unwelcomed “guest”.

With this new paradigm in mind, it becomes obvious that what we are calling “diseases” are the body’s compensation to an inauspicious and unfavorable environment; hence by modifying the environment (that is lifestyle), the body will no longer need to compensate.

And, indeed this is the essential, underlying principle of healing from any condition of the body, regardless of the name (‘diagnosis’) assigned.

For these reasons, although I have been a student and practitioner of nutrition for 45 years, I became formally trained as a certified nutrition specialist.

By changing the body’s biochemistry through fasting, proper nutrition, colon cleansing, procuring adequate sleep and exercise, as well as prayer and/or meditation, the body no longer needs to compensate.  Hence whether it is ‘cancer’ or ‘heart disease’ or ‘diabetes’ or whatever particular process is required to maintain function, the body is now able to stop “producing” or manifesting these conditions.

In order to assist the body in eliminating tumors, the metabolic approach in combination with integrative therapies and modalities is not only kind and gentle, resulting in no harm, but is the only way to successfully eradicate cancer for the long term.

Metabolic Medicine Overcomes The Limitations Of Cancer

Metabolic medicine, therefore requires a thorough understanding of the biochemistry involved in cancer (or whatever “diseases”).  This detailed knowledge can then be applied in the clinical setting since the biochemical capabilities and limitations of cancer (or…) can be challenged and overcome without harming healthy cells. 

These metabolic challenges involve using natural substances that are either converted into nutrients by healthy cells or are easily managed and eliminated, whereas the cancer cells, now functionally different than healthy cells are lacking in these abilities and hence are overwhelmed and die.

Nature cannot be subdued or bypassed and neither are Her laws negotiable.

If we are to thrive and achieve our potential as the magnificent creatures that we truly are, we must live our lives in accordance with our biological requirements while maintaining the utmost respect and reverence for Nature, our true mother.

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