Animals Don’t Keep Track Of Time

Animals Don't Keep Track Of TimeAnimals don’t keep track of time because “time” is an illusion.

‘Now’ is eternal… There was never a time when it was not now and neither will there ever be a time when it is not ‘now’… That being true, all other possibilities are simply not true.

What we humans keep track of is an illusion, a concept. A symbol in our mind called “time”… The absurdity is that we’re doing that ‘now’ and we never do it “then” Anyway, animals are free from the burden of this illusion and are therefore in bliss.

When not engaged in survival behaviors or procreative behaviors, you look into the eyes of an animal and you see nothing but bliss. There are no “will be”s or “was”s or “Should be” or “could be” or “could have beens” or “should have beens”, etc., etc.

The only thing that’s real and the only thing that is verifiable is now.

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