Best Ketogenic Diet Book For Cancer

Best Ketogenic Diet Book For CancerThe best Ketogenic Diet Book for Cancer will be available to the public soon.

I’m currently completing what will be once published the best ketogenic diet book for cancer available on the market. This book will be a raw vegan ketogenic diet book which comes from decades of firsthand experience helping people heal from cancer.

I’m asked often if this vegan keto diet is science based? The answer is yes, it is backed by science big time! My book will be drawn from years of helping people restore their health and go on to thrive. We use this healing diet at An Oasis of Healing, the healing center I founded over a decade ago.

A raw vegan ketogenic diet works in harmony with our comprehensive cancer care program. Raw plant based nutrition is key to healing from cancer and works in harmony with the laws of nature.

Let’s look at what the word Keto means? Keto also means ketosis or ketones. What is the function of ketosis? Fatty acids allow human beings to store energy. As these fatty acids are separated into different pieces they become fuel for the body.

When they are separated even further, they become ketone bodies which consist of three molecules. The ketone bodies are carried into cells and then split apart even more to become pure fuel for the body. This fuel provides the necessary energy for the body.

These fatty acids produce twice the amount of energy versus carbs and protein. Fat is nature’s gift to humanity as a result of its capacity for energy storage.

Why do you think bears are able to hibernate all winter? They eat a lot and as a result store fat. They then go into hibernation and live off their stored fat. While they hibernate, the bears are in ketosis.

The Best Ketogenic Diet Book For Cancer Can Help Reverse This Pandemic

There’s a right way and a wrong way to get into a ketosis condition. For a person that has cancer, getting into and remaining in ketosis is critical. It must be done the right way.

The right way or healthy way to starve cancer is a raw vegan ketogenic diet. This does not include eating meat or any animal products. Eating meat while being treated for cancer causes tumor growth and this must be avoided.

Water is the ultimate ketogenic diet because it contributes zero glucose and breaks down fat producing ketones. Cancer has to have nineteen times the glucose than a normal health cell in order to survive.

What do you think would happen if you don’t give it any glucose? The cancer cells would die off without food just as a dog would die if it wasn’t feed.

Now, a water fast is not ideal for someone with cancer because after 14 days or so, the person would become to weak to function. That is why a raw vegan ketogenic diet for cancer is best as it accomplishes the same as a water fast, starving cancer cells, but also supplies the nutrients needed for maintain and growing one’s strength.

The best ketogenic diet book will be published in the near future and you will be able to get it from the An Oasis of Healing website. We will also let everyone on our mailing list know when it is ready for purchase. It will explain this amazing way of living and include everything you need to know which of course includes all our recipes.

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