Prognosis Of Cancer Clarified

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prognosis of cancer

I’m here to tell you that a prognosis of cancer does not define the length of time one has left on this earth. A prognosis of cancer is when a medical doctor tells you a likely outcome of your condition. Look at the prognosis for arthritis for example. In most cases if you go to a regular medical doctor they … Read More

The Healing Power Of The Mind Vs The Placebo Effect

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healing power of the mind

Let’s look at the healing power of the mind and how the placebo effect relates. All research for science needs to have better than a 30% effect because 30% is known as placebo. Thirty percent of people will get better no matter what you give them. It’s that pat on the back and it’s telling them it’s going to be … Read More

Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

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ketogenic diet for cancer

Is there such a thing as a ketogenic diet for cancer that is effective? There absolutely is but I believe there is a misconception in what that diet actually consists of so let’s talk about it. Let’s first discuss what a ketogenic diet for cancer should not include; animal products such as steak and prime rib. This is not how … Read More

The Sun And Moon And How We Relate To Them

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the sun and moon

What is our relationship with the sun and moon? The part of our lifestyle that we should have learned by the time we turned 18 is our relationship with the sun and moon. The sun and the moon are incredibly important to us and how we function. There are two types of creatures, nocturnal and diurnal. Diurnal means that we … Read More

Why Is Taking Medicine For Cancer Necessary

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medicine for cancer

Taking medicine for cancer is necessary at present because in my opinion there is a lack of faith and understanding. Let me share why one who has faith and knowledge, requires no medicine for cancer. This story as an example of tremendous faith exhibited by an individual. A woman came to see me in June of 2001. She had stage … Read More

Can You Be Addicted To Food?

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can you be addicted to food

Can you be addicted to food, the answer is an astounding yes! Humanity is addicted to food, this is a sad fact. People live to eat in place of eating to live. When the question of can you be addicted to food is raised, you will be able to provide a very accurate answer based on what you’re about to … Read More

Is It Safe To Detox And Cleanse With A Liver Tumor

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detox and cleanse

Is it safe to detox and cleanse while having liver cancer? The answer is yes, it is safe to detox and cleanse while having a tumor in your liver. Let’s walk through the explanation of why it is safe from several different angles. The reason this cancer formed is from an accumulation of toxins. That accumulation of toxins sends in … Read More

To Eat Or Not To Eat Which Is It

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to eat or not to eat

To eat or not to eat that is the question. And the answer is, it is just as important not to eat as it is to eat. When we stop eating and the flow of glucose stops entering the cell, a little system of organelles called lysosomes begins recycling.  The answer to the question to eat or not to eat … Read More

After Chemotherapy Is Healing Possible?

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after chemotherapy

Is it possible to heal after chemotherapy? I’m asked this question quite often, if a person chooses the path of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, is it possible for them to recover and heal after chemotherapy? The answer is yes, absolutely and without question. Now, with that said, it does depend on how much damage has been done by these destructive … Read More

Is Alkaline Water Good For Health

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is alkaline water good for health

Is alkaline water good for health or could it be working against you? Drinking alkaline water has become very popular over the last few years but is it safe to do so? Let’s talk about how important alkalinity is for the body and answer the question, is alkaline water good for health? The arterial blood that leaves the heart and … Read More