Extreme Health Radio Show Features Dr. Thomas Lodi

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Extreme Health Radio Show

The Extreme Health Radio Show featured Dr. Thomas Lodi recently on their wonderful program. The Extreme Health Radio show is focused on promoting true health. Their focus is not treating just symptoms which is why it was an honor for Dr. Lodi to by interviewed by Justin Stellman. The following are highlights from the radio show. I will include the … Read More

7th South East Asian Vegetarian Congress

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Event : 7th South East Asian Vegetarian Congress Venue : Cititel Penang, Malaysia Organized by : Malaysian Meatless Day Campaign Committee Date : 13th November 2016 Topic: How Eating and Lifestyle Control Our Genes

Calming The Mind And Body

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calming the mind and body

Meditation for calming the mind and body is essential for restoring and maintaining health. The objective is to silence the thoughts in our minds and this can be achieved through meditation used for calming the mind and body. In our every day lives we are not understanding what we say to ourselves. We go through each day saying out loud … Read More

An Alternative Approach to Prevent/Fight with Cancer

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Event : An Alternative Approach to Prevent/Fight with Cancer Organized by : Health and Cancer Prevention Society Hong Kong Date : 5th November 2016 -PM – 5PM Venue : Sun Kei Secondary School Hong Kong Topic : An Alternative Approach to Working with Cancer

The Value Of Getting A Third Opinion

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The value of getting a third opinion

This is intended to help educate individuals on the value of getting a third opinion and is crucial for a clear point of view when it comes to your health. Currently, we have all become aware of people going in to get second opinions. Nonetheless, in reality, they are not truly second opinions. They are really the first opinion given … Read More

What Cancer Teaches Us About Life

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what cancer teaches us about life

What cancer teaches us about life is to wake up and realize just how important health is to our survival. Part of a great prevention plan when talking about cancer is being around a community of people who are all aware of how critically important health is. This is what cancer teaches us about life and we need to pay … Read More

Ultimate LIVE Symposium 2016 Featuring Dr Thomas Lodi

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ultimate live symposium

I will be speaking at the Ultimate Live Symposium happening this weekend hosted by The Truth About Cancer and Ty and Charlene Bollinger. The Chronic Disease Epidemic Is Out of Control… This Powerful (and Free) Once-in-a-Lifetime Event Will Reveal Proven Solutions You Won’t Hear Elsewhere! Join over 40 of the world’s top health luminaries for a once in a lifetime … Read More

Daily Eating Plan For Dr Lodi

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daily eating plan for Dr Lodi

Many fans on social media would like to know the daily eating plan for Dr Lodi so we wanted to share it with everyone here. What Dr Lodi eats depends on where he is on that day. If he is in Thailand, he eats a certain way and if he’s in the US, he eats another way. When he’s in … Read More

Learn How To Reverse Diabetes

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how to reverse diabetes

I wanted to take the time and answer the question of how to reverse diabetes and get off any medication that you may be taking. Diabetes is not only an epidemic but is now considered a pandemic as the whole world is becoming diabetic. Right next to diabetes is another pandemic and that is obesity as they go together. We are … Read More

BIVA Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary) Celebration

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Event : BIVA Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary) Celebration Organized by : BIVA (Bangkok International VEGAN Alliance) Date : 2th October 2016 19.00-21.00 Venue : Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit, Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok, Thailand Topic : Eating Meat vs Cancer