The Greatest Pandemic We Face Today Is Cancer

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the greatest pandemic we face today is cancer

The greatest pandemic we face today is cancer and that’s why I continue to help educate people on how to stop making it. I was a guest on the Dr. Leonard Coldwell Opinion Radio Show and we discuss why the greatest pandemic we face today is cancer. These are the key elements of that show. You can listen to the … Read More

Gracious Living Creamy Curry Cauliflower Salad Dressing

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creamy cauliflower salad dressing

A super yummy, detoxifying creamy curry cauliflower salad dressing and/or sauce that uses raw cauliflower! No cooking involved  with this creamy curry cauliflower salad dressing which makes this easy-to-make, enzyme-rich, and nutrient dense. **Cauliflower is great for liver detox and balancing estrogen levels in the body. **Turmeric and cumin have excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. 1/2 an avocado 1/2 cup extra-virgin, cold … Read More

How To Stop Producing Cancer

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how to stop producing cancer

The most important part of surviving cancer is not how to eliminate it, it’s how to stop producing cancer. The bridge between fear and faith is knowledge. And that’s something we have to all keep in mind. Part of what I do is I teach people how to stop producing cancer and the vital role this plays in healing. I … Read More

Healing Cancer In This Century Launches Soon

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Healing Cancer In This Century

The Healing Cancer In This Century online event launches on May 9th, reserve your place now for this spectacular one of a kind happening. I myself, Dr. Thomas Lodi will be a featured speaker along with over 40 Speakers including doctors/experts in the field of integrative/holistic/alternative cancer treatments, with Energy Healers from different modalities, experts in the fields of Emotional Healing … Read More

Why The Heart Is The Center Of Our Electromagnetic Pulse

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the heart is the center of our electromagnetic pulse

The heart is the center of our electromagnetic pulse and if you took it out and let it hang you would certainly see that it spirals. The muscular tissues, ventricles and also atrium all take the shape of a spiral. As the heart is doing its thing, it’s sending out the blood in a vortex spiral. The entire universe is … Read More

The Best Thing To Do For Healing Is Nothing

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the best thing to do about healing is nothing

Let me explain  what I mean by the best thing to do for healing is nothing. Have you ever been in an argument where you said something that you wish you hadn’t said? In your mind you’re saying, why did I say that if I didn’t mean it. And the worst part is,  you can’t take back what you said, … Read More

The Concept Of A Magic Pill Is Based On The Wrong Paradigm

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The concept of a magic pill is based on the wrong paradigm, the wrong understanding of the way things are. Fortunately, there’s enough of us awakening to the fact that the nature of nature, is healing. Nature heals. The concept of a magic pill implies that there’s something wrong that you have to fix and the pill’s going to fix it. … Read More

Metabolic Medicine Attacks Cancer Cells

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metabolic medicine attacks cancer cells

Learn How Metabolic Medicine Attacks Cancer Cells And Not Healthy Cells. I’d like to talk about the metabolic medicine and the approach to working with cancer. This is a very relevant and important concept to understand because the conventional modus operandi that the conventional way of working with cancer is a military approach. Basically what happens is that the doctor … Read More

Breasts Broccoli And Cancer

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breasts broccoli and cancer

The following article of mine on Breasts, Broccoli and Cancer was posted in the National Health Federation and I wanted to share it here as well. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the World today. More than 1.1 million women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 200,000 of these women are Americans. These statistics are … Read More

The Rhythm Of Life

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the rhythm of life

The rhythm of life has become unnatural to the point where we are on the verge on the sixth mass extinction in the past billion years. The fundamental context of the phenomenal or physical universe is that of perpetual change occurring in both space and time. Motion, being the essential element of change, is occurring at all levels of perspective … Read More