Metabolic Medicine Attacks Cancer Cells

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metabolic medicine attacks cancer cells

Learn How Metabolic Medicine Attacks Cancer Cells And Not Healthy Cells. I’d like to talk about the metabolic medicine and the approach to working with cancer. This is a very relevant and important concept to understand because the conventional modus operandi that the conventional way of working with cancer is a military approach. Basically what happens is that the doctor … Read More

Breasts Broccoli And Cancer

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breasts broccoli and cancer

The following article of mine on Breasts, Broccoli and Cancer was posted in the National Health Federation and I wanted to share it here as well. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the World today. More than 1.1 million women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 200,000 of these women are Americans. These statistics are … Read More

The Rhythm Of Life

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the rhythm of life

The rhythm of life has become unnatural to the point where we are on the verge on the sixth mass extinction in the past billion years. The fundamental context of the phenomenal or physical universe is that of perpetual change occurring in both space and time. Motion, being the essential element of change, is occurring at all levels of perspective … Read More

Integrative Oncology Definition For Patients

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integrative oncology fitting all the pieces together

I’m going to provide my integrative oncology definition to put things into proper perspective. Oncology means the field of medicine devoted to cancer, people with cancer and the treatment of tumors. The word integrative means serving or intending to unify separate things, different things. In terms of medicine it also means combining Allopathic and complementary therapies. In short, “integrating” means bringing … Read More

Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Hair Rapidly

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why do cancer patients lose hair

So why do cancer patients lose hair rapidly? The short answer is, from the conventional treatments they are undergoing. Why do cancer patients lose hair when they have cancer? Well, that’s actually not a true statement or a valid question because cancer does not cause hair loss unless you’re in extremely late stages where you’ve have severe malnutrition for a … Read More

Death Rates Of Vegetarians Vs Meat Eaters

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death rates of vegetarians vs meat eaters

The Death Rates Of Vegetarians Versus Meat Eaters Is A Provocative Title But This Subject Needs Your Attention! The reason why science is continually “proving” the obvious is that our lives as 21st century, high bred mutants leave us so alienated from the reality of Earth and our fellow earthlings that we actually do not know how to live.   Looking … Read More

Bad Luck vs Lifestyle

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bad luck vs lifestyle

Bad luck vs lifestyle…Hooray!  Science is finally proving the obvious. A recent study published in Nature entitled “Substantial contribution of extrinsic risk factors to cancer development,” not only successfully rebutted the absurd claim that biology and “disease” originate and are managed by the capricious nature inherent in the cell but, best of all, brought this madness into the public arena. … Read More

Learn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally

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learn how to heal from cancer naturally

Learn how to heal from cancer naturally by understanding what “healing” means. A person can learn how to heal from cancer naturally when they understand the brilliance of healing itself. When people understand their going to heal, that shows you they understand healing. To illustrate this point, if a person were to slice their finger while you’re cutting up some … Read More

The Healing Appetite Represents True Health

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the healing appetite

The film documentary, The Healing Appetite, will clearly show the potential of the human body to heal itself given the right conditions. In the opening of this wonderful film, the healing appetite, I’m quoted as saying “the problem with the human race is that it doesn’t think it’s part of nature”. We need to shift this way of thinking as … Read More

The New Dietary Guidelines

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I read this article (click here) about the new dietary guidelines set forth by the government. History teaches that the vast majority of human endeavor has been motivated by greed (born of vanity) and that unmitigated self interest allows human beings to subject their brethren to unimaginable pain and suffering if it furthers their personal agenda.  It took many billions of … Read More