Learn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally

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learn how to heal from cancer naturally

Learn how to heal from cancer naturally by understanding what “healing” means. A person can learn how to heal from cancer naturally when they understand the brilliance of healing itself. When people understand their going to heal, that shows you they understand healing. To illustrate this point, if a person were to slice their finger while you’re cutting up some … Read More

The Healing Appetite Represents True Health

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the healing appetite

The film documentary, The Healing Appetite, will clearly show the potential of the human body to heal itself given the right conditions. In the opening of this wonderful film, the healing appetite, I’m quoted as saying “the problem with the human race is that it doesn’t think it’s part of nature”. We need to shift this way of thinking as … Read More

The New Dietary Guidelines

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I read this article (click here) about the new dietary guidelines set forth by the government. History teaches that the vast majority of human endeavor has been motivated by greed (born of vanity) and that unmitigated self interest allows human beings to subject their brethren to unimaginable pain and suffering if it furthers their personal agenda.  It took many billions of … Read More

Health is Not Something that Just Happens

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It seems as if the word “earn” with regards to health and disease is causing some confusion from a quote of mine posted recently.  This word is used to awaken people to the realization that they can have control over their health, hence their lives. We have been psychologically disempowered by false concepts and lies since the day we were … Read More

Defeating Cancer Through Veganism

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Defeating cancer through veganism is possible and one iron clad way to make sure it stays gone. ‘It is not difficult getting rid of cancer. The challenge is keeping it gone.’ If you are familiar with Dr. Lodi’s work, you often hear him say the above statement. And he is right. We have been made to believe that diseases are … Read More


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Dementia has many causes and must be distinguished from delirium…the difference is that delirium is acute and dementia is chronic but both have the same or similar symptoms. In either case, it is an accumulation of toxins over a lifetime resulting in neurological damage….the toxemia comes from all sources including diet, EMF, water, air, skin absorption of chemicals from cosmetics … Read More

Critical Questions You Must Ask Your Oncologist

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Cancer is never localized…it’s never in one spot…even when it is undetectable, there are multiple micro metastases (satellite ‘seeds’). Once a cluster of tumor cells reaches 1 million in number, it begins to travel through the extra-cellular matrix and connective tissue into lymph and blood vessels so that by the time it is detectable, at around 1 billion cells, it … Read More

America’s Mantra – Protein

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Living in America, you soon learn one of our most revere mantras” – PROTEIN. Not only are we obsessed with eating and drinking it, we supplement non-protein foods such as fruit with protein powders.   Considered to be the most fundamental and sacred of all nutrients, the Dutch chemist Gerhard Mulder (1839) upon discovering these nitrogen-containing substances used the Greek … Read More