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Was Popeye Secretly on Dialysis

Was Popeye Secretly on Dialysis There has been some confusion being expressed on the internet and in published magazines regarding the oxalate content in green smoothies along with a ‘dire warning’ to avoid drinking this liquid sunshine. This sort of confusing...

Webinar Replay with Dr. Lodi: Life = Energy

Live Webinar with Dr. Lodi: Life = Energy All matter and psychological processes such as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes are composed of energy. When applied to the human body, every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and body system is composed of energy that...

Webinar Replay with Dr. Lodi-Cooked Food is Poison

COOKED FOOD IS POISON We’d be better off if we didn’t cook. There is a HUGE difference between a beautiful, succulent tomato and a can of tomato sauce. Cooking has been called the “black art of spoiling wholesome food substances."  Let’s talk about this. Let’s look at...

Why Integrative Oncology? Metabolic Therapy For Cancer?

The Whole Field Of Integrative Oncology Is Becoming “Quasi” Mainstream Why integrative oncology? This is Part 2 in our series on why integrative oncology. It’s the science that shows conventional medicine doesn’t work. The mainstream big cancer centers all have...

What Is Integrative Cancer Treatment?

Here’s A Question We Get Asked A Lot: What Is Integrative Cancer Treatment? We have written and talked about integrative oncology in the past, but we also get inquiries about a very closely related term: integrative cancer treatment. If you break down the integrative...


If I cannot get all my medical reports, can I still have a consultation?

Yes, absolutely …. The medical reports are very important but not absolutely necessary for a home course. However, having the reports will allow for a more thorough understanding or you condition.

If I want a consultation for my family member or friend, can I participate in the consultation for them if they are unable to attend?

Yes, but it is necessary for them to truly understand everything and not just follow what you tell them. So, the initial consultation could be with you but to really help them heal, they must eventually participate in the consultation personally.

If my family member has cancer but they do not speak English, do you have a translator who can help?

Yes, but the translators we have are limited to only a few languages. We have translators for Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian and German.

If I have the basic consultation, will that be enough?
  • The basic consultation will include a recommended home program for you.
  • The recommended program will not include a program for HOW to specifically make all the changes necessary for healing. That is what will be available with the “Going Deeper” plan.
  • If you or a loved one is very sick or has a large tumor burden, then an extended program, which will require the assistance of a doctor or health care provider in your community who must be willing to collaborate with us. In these situations, we would want to include some additional IV therapies (such as vitamin C and others), colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic work.

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