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What Are The Benefits Of Green Juice?

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Juice Are Life Changing Drinking 32 ounces of green vegetable juice will provide more nutrition than the average American receives in six months to a year. This article will cover why every person should be including green juice...

How Does Cell Environment Play A Role In Cancer?

Science Would Lead You To Believe Cancer Is Caused By Bad Luck Not Lifestyle Lived A study published in Nature on December 16, 2015 "Substantial contribution of extrinsic risk factors to cancer development," (S. Wu et al. Nature;...

Underlying Pathology In All Diseases

The synchronized flow and precise orchestration of the approximate 150,000 biochemical reactions occurring in our bodies each moment resonate as a functional whole permitting the human experience. Optimal biochemical and physiological functioning is the imperative...

What Is Cancer? | School Of Health Dr. Thomas Lodi

The word “cancer” comes from the Greek term “karkinos”, which was coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates (460 to 370 BC) and later translated by Celsus, a Roman who lived between 28 BC to 50 AD. In English is was referred to as “canker” until the 17th century at...

Types of Breast Cancer: An Irrelevant Concept

The term adenocarcinoma describes any cancer that begins in glandular tissue. Therefore, included therein are cancers of the breast, pancreas, colon, small intestines, lungs and almost any organ in the body with few exceptions. There are two main types of breast...

Epigenetics And Cancer Prevention

Eat, Drink and Be Merry?  Cancer results from an exceedingly complex set of biochemical responses when the body is exposed to multiple toxins over a long period of time. The popular, conventional description of how cancer develops assigns causation primarily to...

Electromagnetic Frequency Health Effects

Does Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Have A Long-Term Impact On Overall Wellness?  Have you ever worried about how constant exposure to wireless mobile devices or microwave ovens can affect your health? But first: What is electromagnetic frequency? Electromagnetic...


If I cannot get all my medical reports, can I still have a consultation?

Yes, absolutely …. The medical reports are very important but not absolutely necessary for a home course. However, having the reports will allow for a more thorough understanding or you condition.

If I want a consultation for my family member or friend, can I participate in the consultation for them if they are unable to attend?

Yes, but it is necessary for them to truly understand everything and not just follow what you tell them. So, the initial consultation could be with you but to really help them heal, they must eventually participate in the consultation personally.

If my family member has cancer but they do not speak English, do you have a translator who can help?

Yes, but the translators we have are limited to only a few languages. We have translators for Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian and German.

If I have the basic consultation, will that be enough?
  • The basic consultation will include a recommended home program for you.
  • The recommended program will not include a program for HOW to specifically make all the changes necessary for healing. That is what will be available with the “Going Deeper” plan.
  • If you or a loved one is very sick or has a large tumor burden, then an extended program, which will require the assistance of a doctor or health care provider in your community who must be willing to collaborate with us. In these situations, we would want to include some additional IV therapies (such as vitamin C and others), colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic work.

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