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What Causes Toxemia?

 What Causes Toxemia, The Things That We Put In Our Bodies That Can’t Be Used By The Body. The fundamental word here is “tox”. Tox stands for toxin, we know toxins are poisons. When a toxin gets into you, you are said to be intoxicated. For some reason, we only think...

Conventional Treatment For Cancer Vs Alternative Treatments

 Conventional Treatment For Cancer Compared To Alternative Cancer Treatments And How Important It Is To Understand The Distinct Differences Between The Two. Before there was increased awareness of alternative cancer treatments, the only considered effective path...

The 4 Pillars Of Treating Cancer

The 4 Pillars Of Treating Cancer Are Holistic In Nature And Help To Allow The Body To Heal Itself. Your journey towards healing can only happen while attending a healing center. Our center, The LifeCo clinic is the Asian hub representing a true healing center. They...

What Is A Cancer Prevention Program?

What Is A Cancer Prevention Program, And Does It Require Changing Your Lifestyle? Well, the answer to that question is, it depends on your current lifestyle. Dr. Thomas Lodi has a cancer prevention program that helps restore one’s health as well as prevent cancer....

Cellular Respiration Failure Leads To Cancer

 Cellular Respiration Failure Leads To Cancer Developing In The Body. Dr. Otto Warburg back in 1931 was given the Nobel Prize in medicine showing that cellular respiration failure leads to the development of cancer in the human body. Warburg’s discovery still holds...

The Truth About Cancer Founder Interviews Dr. Thomas Lodi

The Truth About Cancer Founder Ty Bollinger Interviewed Integrative Oncology Expert Dr. Thomas Lodi During the interview, Bollinger asked about Dr. Lodi’s unique botanical therapies that are potentiated with insulin. According to Dr. Lodi, he uses insulin with most of...


If I cannot get all my medical reports, can I still have a consultation?

Yes, absolutely …. The medical reports are very important but not absolutely necessary for a home course. However, having the reports will allow for a more thorough understanding or you condition.

If I want a consultation for my family member or friend, can I participate in the consultation for them if they are unable to attend?

Yes, but it is necessary for them to truly understand everything and not just follow what you tell them. So, the initial consultation could be with you but to really help them heal, they must eventually participate in the consultation personally.

If my family member has cancer but they do not speak English, do you have a translator who can help?

Yes, but the translators we have are limited to only a few languages. We have translators for Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian and German.

If I have the basic consultation, will that be enough?
  • The basic consultation will include a recommended home program for you.
  • The recommended program will not include a program for HOW to specifically make all the changes necessary for healing. That is what will be available with the “Going Deeper” plan.
  • If you or a loved one is very sick or has a large tumor burden, then an extended program, which will require the assistance of a doctor or health care provider in your community who must be willing to collaborate with us. In these situations, we would want to include some additional IV therapies (such as vitamin C and others), colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic work.

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