Cellular Respiration Failure Leads To Cancer
Cellular Respiration Failure Leads To Cancer

Cellular respiration failure leads to cancer developing in the body.

Dr. Otto Warburg back in 1931 was given the Nobel Prize in medicine showing that cellular respiration failure leads to the development of cancer in the human body. Warburg’s discovery still holds true today.

Cancer begins once the cells lose the ability to use oxygen. The reason for this is when the organelles inside the cell or the mitochondria become damaged, they lose their ability to process oxygen.

When forty to sixty percent of the mitochondria become damaged each cell will fight to survive as that is what it is designed to do. And because of this fermentation of the glucose begins.

As a result of this in the nucleus of the cell, the DNA’s genetic expression is changed. Then certain genes are expressed and not expressed to support the fermentation process.

The change is genetic expression is because the cells are no longer able to make energy with oxygen. Fermentation then takes place and fermentation is what results in cancer.

Cellular Respiration Failure is the Cell’s Inability to Create Energy with Oxygen

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