Dr. Thomas Lodi Is On A Mission In Thailand

Dr. Thomas LodiFor 20+ years now, Dr. Thomas Lodi has been helping cancer patients reclaim their health through a comprehensive cancer care program anchored on integrative oncology.

Integrative oncology, also known as integrative medicine, is the combination of integrative or complementary and alternative therapies with conventional cancer treatment and medicine. It is directed towards healing the body, as well as strengthening the mind and spirit.

Dr. Thomas Lodi established these three pillars which are the basis of An Oasis of Healing’s (founded by Dr. Lodi) integrative cancer therapies:

  • Stop making cancer. These are medically approved therapies and nutritional programs that empower the body to stop making cancer-causing cells. Patients are encouraged to eat more organic whole foods and supplement their treatment program with therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, infrared sauna, and chelation therapy, to name a few.
  • Target cancer. These are highly effective therapies, like IPT therapy and intravenous high dose vitamin C, which target cancer without causing further harm to the body.
  • Enhance the immune system. As the body battles cancer, very little resources remain to defend the body. Thus, it is important to strengthen the immune system through therapies focused on the body’s biological design. Immuno-oncology therapies and modalities include oxidative therapies, yoga and meditation, and juice feasting/fasting.

These tenets of cancer care are encapsulated in Dr. Lodi’s Oasis School of Lifea program with a curriculum designed to change a patient’s knowledge base and empower them to live and experience true health.

As part of his advocacy, Dr. Lodi is bringing this tried and tested body of knowledge to Thailand as he works with TheLifeCo-Clinic. This Thailand-based integrative oncology center treats all ‘types’ of cancer with their holistic approach and integrative cancer therapies.

As Dr. Lodi puts it, “Just as you do not walk down the street and catch health, neither do you walk down the street and catch a disease. You earn either.”

The LifeCo-ClinicTheLifeCo-Clinic focuses on integrative oncology center focuses and an individualized, whole person approach versus a tumor-only approach. The idea is to not go to war against the tumor because it is part of the patient’s body.

Similar to An Oasis of Healing, TheLifeCo-Clinic treatment pathway follows a holistic approach—nurturing the body to heal naturally while fighting back against cancer through a combination of medically proven therapies and modalities.

Working with and consulting for the doctors of TheLifeCo-Clinic, Dr. Lodi brings to the table decades of expertise and experience in combating cancer. Before establishing An Oasis of Healing, he practiced as a clinical psychologist, as an internal medicine specialist, urgent care physician, and as an intensivist in ICU and CCU departments of various hospitals.

For Dr. Lodi, integrative oncology is all about bringing together different modalities of healing. He combines Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine and only the effective parts of conventional treatments. All of these and more have a place in healing people.

The mission of Dr. Lodi and his partners at TheLifeCo is to find the best of each of these modalities through an integrative cancer care approach that truly empowers patients instead of just focusing on the tumor without regard for the rest of the body.

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