Dr. Thomas Lodi Partners With Thailand Based The LifeCo Clinic
Dr. Thomas Lodi Partners With Thailand Based The LifeCo Clinic

Dr. Thomas Lodi partners with The LifeCo Clinic in beautiful Phuket bringing his vast expertise and experience in Integrative Oncology with him.

Over the last four to five years Dr. Thomas Lodi has been consulting with several different clinics in Bangkok in addition to The LifeCo Clinic. Dr. Lodi wanted to share in this article and video why he made The LifeCo Clinic his complete focus in Phuket Thailand. The primary reason for his decision that he wanted people to understand is The LifeCo Clinic is, in fact, a healing center versus a treatment facility.

We need to educate people far and wide on the difference between a treatment facility and a healing center. Dr. Lodi has discussed this several times over the last few years. A treatment facility says “your sick and we are going to fix you” and of course this paradigm has been proven not to work.

People who are not well and dealing with cancer need to start on a journey to healing. The only place that is can happen is at a true healing center. Dr. Lodi wanted to go over some of the key reasons why he is focusing his efforts in Phuket Thailand.

In the video, Dr. Lodi starts off by showing you an outside covered patio dining area. This is where the raw food is made, and people get to enjoy it. This is the area where people are taught how to prepare raw food.

Dr. Lodi Explains Why The LifeCo Clinic Is A True Healing Center

They are also taught how to sprout and ferment food along with all the essential tools needed to create healthy meals. The goal of this education is so when people leave the center healed from cancer, they now know how to create delicious and nutritious raw meals while at home.

The location of this healing center is on a picture-perfect little lake in Phuket which is very peaceful. The LifeCo Clinic is made up of several different sections which include; a yoga sala, massage sala, and a spa.

There are many places here where every person who visits us can be in their own quiet place. People can contemplate and let go of the madness that they live in day to day.

And of course, there is the main building or main focus of the healing center. The bottom floor consists of colon hydrotherapy rooms, Angel of water rooms  and infrared saunas. The second level is where all of our IV therapies are given. There are elevators to the second floor if someone is too weak when they first arrive.

All that is mentioned, and more is the reason why I chose tis healing center in Phuket to be my focus. It brings all the essential pieces of an integrated healing center together in one place. And, outside of the US, The LifeCo Clinic is the only place that has done so.

Dr. Thomas Lodi founded An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, AZ back in 2006. It represents the flagship of an integrated cancer healing center. An Oasis of Healing is where it all began and now, we bring this model internationally to Phuket Thailand with a truly integrated healing center.

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