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One-On-One Consultation with Dr. Lodi Follow-Up Questionnaire

We appreciate your trust and willingness to meet via Zoom with Dr. Lodi and we want to ensure you are satisfied. A “true second opinion” is essential for people with cancer to gather as much information as necessary in order to make a truly informed, best decision regarding which path to pursue.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to these questions!

Overall, how was your consultation with Dr. Lodi?

Were the experience and information what you had expected from a consultation?

Were all of your questions and concerns addressed?

Will you seek follow-up advice from Dr. Lodi?

Honest reviews help others make informed decisions. Would you mind sharing your testimonial about this course?

Do we have your permission to publish your review online? We only include your first name and last initial.

Do you understand what the Stop Making Cancer online course is or are you interested in learning more and/or registering for the Stop Making Cancer course?

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