The real question is not “How do I get rid of cancer?”, but rather “How do I stop making cancer?”

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Our mission is to keep the light of truth focused on cancer and cancer treatment. This can only be accomplished by continual review and discussions of relevant, peer reviewed, scholarly research regarding the nature of cancer as well as any and all therapeutic modalities from all disciplines to restore health. The restoration of health, by definition is accompanied by the elimination of, not only cancer but all conditions of ill health, classified as “diseases”.

In order for these efforts to have a practical impact, we will be offering educational and training courses for different levels of students, including: 1) People who want to ‘stop making cancer’. 2) People who want to support those who are actively working to be restored to health. 3) Health care practitioners at all levels of training including, but not limited to medical doctors, naturopathic medical doctors, nurse practitioners, health educators and nutritionists.

The Pillars of Healing

Holistic cancer care based around three fundamental pillars of healing:

Stop Making Cancer

Changing the body’s biochemistry to create an environment where cancer cannot grow or spread.

Target Cancer

Selectively targeting and eliminating cancer through natural metabolic treatments (without causing harm).

Enhance the Immune System

Restoring and enhancing the immune system through immune therapies and peptides.

Know the facts, be empowered for your health and wellness, help prevent cancer or heal from cancer with Dr. Lodi’s online courses.

Dr. Lodi’s online courses are designed to help you prevent cancer by teaching you how to identify cancer, risk factors associated with it, and best prevention techniques for your lifestyle and wellbeing. Online courses are available to everyone. You can enroll in our courses directly from the website or you are welcome to contact us at any time for more information.

We offer online cancer consultations, which include personalized plans of action based on educational material provided by Dr. Lodi and his team through online video courses. This plan is designed to empower you in your pursuit of cancer prevention and wellness maintenance and to develop a strong understanding of the facts surrounding cancer risks, tips for prevention, and emotional support upon diagnosis. We are available by online consultation to provide you with guidance for your wellbeing, and we welcome your questions at any time.


Patient Testimonials

Programs that have successfully helped hundreds of patients find a new lease of life and restore health after their cancer diagnosis. Listen to their stories and read the case reports below.

Shirley’s Journey

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Complete recovery from stage 4 breast cancer with bone metastisis


Holley’s Story

Diagnosis: B-Cell Lymphoma

Treatment of B-Cell Lymphoma and her healing journey.


Eric’s Journey

Diagnosis: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a true success story.


Online Video Course On How To Stop Making Cancer

Our 8-hr online video series course that provides all of the basic, fundamental knowledge and tools to stop making cancer. You’ll learn that mental and emotional wellbeing are essential to healing, along with a natural diet and healthy eating practices, appropriate sleep and regular, consistent body movement (kinesiology).’ In this video series, you will discover the natural path back to your birthright – optimal health.

The key to being healthy is understanding what leads to certain diseases or even how your day-to-day actions can determine whether you are at risk for them. Studies show that people who are aware of what leads to certain diseases and try their best to avoid those things have a lower chance of getting sick. 

Online courses like this one provide the big picture of health topics, allowing you to make decisions with awareness on how your actions can affect your wellness today and in the future.

Begin your course today and get educated on how you can be proactive about preventing cancer or any other health crisis and understand what leads to them manifesting. We’ll show you facts, statistics, and some basic information that everyone should know about their health. Come join us!

Be well and live fully

We believe in living life to the fullest and educating our clients to protect themselves from cancer. This online course educates the public on understanding cancer and wellness. We all have a cancer risk for different reasons and the lifestyle we lead plays a huge role in whether a person develops cancer or not. The course will give you an understanding of how certain factors influence your wellness so that you can choose the right path for your own life.

This online course will educate you on understanding how certain factors, like obesity, fast food, and smoking, influence your health. You’ll learn how to create a positive environment in order to avoid developing cancer in the future plus what can happen and what to do if you do develop cancer. Taking this course can help you to live a healthy lifestyle which is the best way to prevent developing cancer.

We’ll be with you every step of the way

Cancer can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Through this online video course, you’ll feel empowered and knowledgeable. You’ll know how to change your diet, manage stress levels, take control of your medical decisions, and more. We can guide you through your journey on the path to wellness and help you heal from cancer.

A personalized plan for your unique treatment journey. This course teaches you how to live a healthier, more fulfilled life while healing from cancer. What makes our program different from other wellness courses is that it’s designed specifically for people living with cancer. Our team of doctors, coaches and researchers will help you make sense of the latest research on lifestyle factors that affect health and wellbeing.

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