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Currently one out of two men and one out of three women will get cancer in their lifetime in America. It’s important for everyone to learn about cancer. Two critical reasons for this, the first is prevention and the second is having a game plan if you or a loved one develops cancer.

One hundred years ago, less than 1% of Americans had cancer. And, one hundred years ago we had the same ability to diagnose cancer as we do today. In fact, back one hundred years ago, if someone died in a hospital, they could perform an autopsy without getting the families permission.

Back then, they did autopsies on everyone they died in hospitals and they had really good records. Today, they are required to get the families permission and many people are saying no this. Reasons for saying no are, well, he/she has suffered enough, it’s time to let them go.

Autopsies are not being done today nearly as much as they were back at that time. It’s important to know that autopsies are definitive because you are looking directly at the tissue with your eyes and a microscope so they are very clear.

If you think cancer is genetic, you have to rethink that, right? The fact is one hundred years ago, less than half of one percent of people had cancer. If cancer was less than one half of a percent and today, it is close to 50%, that would mean one of your grandparents had cancer.  That is simply not the case.

The medical establishment today claims that cancer is either genetics or bad luck. Now, when they say such things it puts people in a situation of fear where you think you are going to get it. And, they position it in a way where people think they are going to catch cancer by walking down the street.

This type of mindset is false and it gives you a false sense of security with regards to the way you live your life. What they are telling people is it’s either genetics or not, then if I don’t have the genetics, I can do what I want as I’m not in danger of getting cancer. I can eat what I want, live the way I want and it takes the responsibility away from the person.

The More You Learn About Cancer The More Knowledgeable And Empowered You Become

This gives the power to the medical profession so every year you have to visit them, get tested, etc. It’s a way of feeding you into the system and keeping you there for life. You also have to understand that the oncologists at MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, The Mayo Clinic, etc, were all trained the same way.

To put this in perspective, it’s like going from one Ford dealer to the next Ford dealer and asking them what kind of car you should buy? They are going to sell you a Ford and if you ask them about a Chevy, they are going to say, of course, that is not a good idea.

There is so much more to share with you on cancer, this article would go on for days. To make it easier for people to absorb the information I provide on cancer, I have a complete video tutorial on the subject. I also have video tutorials on thyroid health, the immune system and digestive system.

You can find all of this information on the video lecture series on health. This is a compilation of all of my years of experience and expertise in one place. Learn about cancer, thyroid health, the immune system and the digestive system and have your questions answered.

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