Metabolic Medicine

Metabolic Medicine and my approach to working with cancer

I’d like to outline the metabolic approach to working with cancer. This is a very relevant and important concept to understand because the conventional modus operandi and conventional way of working with cancer is a military approach.

What happens with this military approach is the doctor becomes the general, the cancer tumor is the enemy, the nurses and technicians are the soldiers and there’s a battle fought. Unfortunately, the battleground is the human body and the collateral damage is what we see throughout these conventional treatments which is absolutely tragic and most people die from the treatment.

The metabolic approach is different in that we use substances from nature, not synthetic, but from nature that challenge the cancer cells based on their metabolic limitations and capabilities. This is a really pretty important concept to understand.

For example, when a cell becomes cancerous what happens is that it loses the ability to use oxygen. That’s the fundamental thing that happens in the mitochondria so when that happens then there’s no longer any oxygen coming in and then you’re not having what’s called oxidative by-products.

The cell then down-regulates and stops producing antioxidant enzymes. If you put the cell in a situation where it needs those antioxidant enzymes and if it doesn’t have them, it will die and that’s great because healthy cells have those enzymes.

Here more here as I discuss Metabolic Medicine and the amazing benefits

Let’s look at a very effective metabolic medicine, vitamin C. The National Institute of Health, The National Cancer Institute, and the FDA have published studies showing one of the things that happens with high doses of Vitamin C is the production of peroxides and tissues. Cancer cells do not have catalase and superoxide dismutase so they cannot convert those peroxides being produced by the vitamin c into water and oxygen the way healthy cells do so they die.

They’re basically targeted in a metabolic way rather than a military way. And there are lots of different metabolic therapies that are based on botanicals.

We have to remember that when we talk about traditional care that is the care that follows natural law and has been around for thousands of years. It’s the Ayurvedic physicians, it’s traditional Chinese physicians, it’s the American and European botanical physicians. This is traditional medicine. We often mistakenly say for example, “traditional chemotherapy”. Anything that’s done today by white coats and hospitals is not traditional; it’s conventional.

Traditionally, humans were more aligned with nature, and we used natural substances. That just needs to be understood. So, when we use natural substances that the body can handle and the cancer cells can’t, we are metabolically challenging or metabolically dealing with cancer. These are the interventions we like to use in what’s called “integrative oncology”, what’s called “alternative cancer care”, etc. It’s using this metabolic, natural approach.

Using metabolic medicine is a part of integrative oncology that is highly effective in dealing with cancer because you are working with natural law. This is what we do at An Oasis Of Healing located in Mesa, AZ. This is my healing center, an alternative cancer treatment center, and we are very good at stopping the production of cancer, targeting and eliminating it and enhancing the immune system.