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Raw Vegan And Gluten Free Pate

raw vegan and gluten free pate


This Raw Vegan And Gluten Free Pate Is Going To Have Your Taste Buds Jumping!

This amazing raw vegan and gluten-free pate featuring red peppers and walnuts combine for a taste similar to tuna fish without the tuna! This is lightning fast to make as it only contains 5 ingredients, you’re going to love it!

A delicious peek into one of the 17 HEALING recipes in the Gracious Living Raw, Vegan Faves Video Recipe E-book (Book #3). Super easy, super delicious, super nutrient-dense:


Want more HEALING recipes? I know your body does!

Attribution link to original source – http://www.gracevanberkum.com/gracious-living-lifestyle-red-pepper-walnut-pate-raw-vegan-gluten-free/

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