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Welcome to the School of Health and long health.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, then you undoubtedly come to the realization that going to war against your body is not going to restore health. It is not going to bring you the results you are looking for.

You have most likely been looking online for an alternative rational path to take. A path that resonates within you. However, what you are finding on the internet is you are overwhelmed with too much information and conflicting opinions. This most likely has you in a state of panic and feeling like there might not be a way.

It is for these exact reasons that we have put together a series of videos. These videos will be presentations, PowerPoint, and other videos where we just talk. The intention of these videos is to clear away the confusion. It is to let you know that there is not only an alternative way, but it is actually the only way to be restored to health.

The first thing we must realize is with whatever illness we have whether it be cancer, heart disease, a stroke, whatever it is, it is due to the fact that we have somehow strayed from a natural life. When we stray from a natural life, the body must adapt, and these adaptations are what we call diseases.

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Cancer Is Not Something That Got Into Us

In regard to our School of Health specific course we are dealing with cancer. We must realize that cancer is not something that got into us but rather it is our body adapting to a series of problems. This video series is comprehensive and will allow you to understand what cancer is. And, by understanding what cancer is you learn how to reverse that process.

We are going to talk about what cancer is and what lifestyle changes are necessary to make so your body stops making cancer. In this video series Dr. Lodi will be giving several lectures on the following:

  • The nature of cancer
  • Toxemia
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Cleansing
  • Sleep
  • Stress

Dr. Lodi will talk about how all of the factors above contribute to cancer and how by bringing them under control, the cancer goes away. Your bodies need to do that adaptation dance no longer exists and so your body stops making cancer. At the end of the day if you don’t stop making cancer, it doesn’t matter how good anybody is at getting rid of cancer, it will be back.

Dr. Lodi will be joined by three other esteemed colleagues who are experts in their own respective fields. First, we introduce Darren Scherbain who has a degree in kinesiology and exercise science. Second, let’s introduce Tenzin Josh. Tenzin is a mental wellbeing, meditation and emotional counselling expert with over 35 years of experience. This includes 15 years as a monk in the monastery of HH Dalai Lama. And thirdly, we introduce Kim Paul who is our health educator and Raw Food Chef.

Kinesiology and Functional Movement

Darren Scherbain is a Kinesiologist and will be featured in this essential video as part of our School of Health series. Kinesiology is a branch of physiology that deals with muscles and movement. What Darren will do is help you approximate living a natural life.

Darren will show you how to get your body moving throughout the day which is healthy. He will teach you different specific movements that are appropriate to your particular condition. For example, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of energy or you have a problem with your leg, Darren will work with you to help you start moving again. If you are already able to move around, then it will be a different set of movements.

The general idea will be to do these movements maybe for 5 minutes every hour, maybe 8-10 minutes every two hours. We want your body moving and your heart pumping. This is natural. What would not be natural is for someone to sit at their desk all day and not move their body.

Natural movement does the following for our bodies:

  • Increases natural killer cells
  • Reduces stress
  • Clears your mind
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves your health and lungs
  • Improves liver function

Natural movement puts everything into balance and is as essential as what you eat and how you eat.

Learn To Control Our Minds For Better Health

Next in our School of Health video series is Tenzin Josh. Tenzin is a western trained psychologist from England. He studied with and was a disciple of the Dalai Lama for 15 years and has been working with the Dalai Lama for 35 years.

Combining western psychology with eastern spirituality Tenzin will be introducing ways in which you can learn to control your mind. Those of us who are sick and those of us who are healthy, our minds are out of control.

What don’t know what we are going to think? Thinking happens spontaneously. What psychologists tell us is 80% of our thoughts are negative. What we also know is 90-95% of our mind is subconscious. What does that mean? It means that we don’t even know what we are thinking. We don’t know what our internal dialogue is and we don’t know what we are telling ourselves.

And since 80% is negative, there is a lot of negative stuff going on underneath our consciousness. This directly impacts our immune system! We know if someone is sad, angry, depressed, and afraid that their immune system, specifically natural killer cells and T cells go down. These two groups of white blood cells are necessary in order to eliminate cancer.

It could easily be said that the immune system is a slave to the mind.

Conversely, we also know that joy, love, laughing, and gratitude, measured in the blood significantly increases gamma interferon and also natural killer cell function. It is essential to get a hold of this situation.

What Dr. Lodi has learned over his extensive experience in this area is that if you don’t take proper care of the mind the cancer will return. You can’t just take care of the physical, both need to be addressed.

Diet and proper nutrition are essential to maintain health

The fourth part of our School of Health video series is focused on diet and proper nutrition. Introducing Kim Paul, our health educator, and Raw Food Chef. This module will go into the preparation of raw food as well as the benefits of eating a raw food diet.

Kim will go into presentations on diet and enzymes, fermented foods, and the importance of fiber and juicing. She will also cover a set of instructions for a series of raw food recipes that are provided in video format.

It is important to understand that the body only recognizes raw food as fuel for the body. Any kind of processed food or junk food is not recognized by the body and is considered poison. We must fuel our bodies properly and Kim will show you exactly how to do this.

Integrative Cancer treatment at its best

Dr. Lodi, his team and the School of Health online video series is the only path to restore health! Our physical movement, our mind, our diet, when we go to sleep, the way we deal with stress, and cleansing will keep us healthy in the long run.
It is not difficult to get rid of cancer, you can go to a surgeon and have it cut out. The hard part is keeping it gone. Therefore why this video series was made and we think that you will find it is exactly what you need.

Get ready to learn how to live a healthy and long life!

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