Dr. Thomas Lodi Gives Cancer Health Talk In Malaysia

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Dr. Thomas Lodi Gives Cancer Talk At SOL Event In Malaysia

Dr. Thomas Lodi will be giving a talk on cancer at the SOL Integrative Wellness Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June. Dr. Thomas Lodi is an Integrative Oncology and Metabolic Medicine expert who has been helping people heal from cancer for decades now. Come learn first hand how to heal from cancer and prevent it from returning. The talk … Read More

Integrative Oncology Review Of Our Arizona Cancer Center

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integrative oncology review

This is an integrative oncology review of our healing clinic which is an Arizona Cancer Center helping people from all around the US and abroad. The healing center was founded over 10 years ago now. The founder, Dr. Lodi, had a goal to bring together the best healing therapies and modalities from around the world. That original goal has been … Read More