Targeted Therapy for Cancer Treatment

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Targeted Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Is targeted therapy for cancer the best route to take when it comes to treatment? According to integrative oncology and metabolic medicine expert Dr. Thomas Lodi, the answer is no. In fact, Dr. Lodi believes that targeted therapy for cancer treatment or for any type of disease or health issue is not the answer. In a new video, Dr. Lodi … Read More

New Approach To Immunotherapy Misunderstood

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New Approach To Immunotherapy

A new approach to Immunotherapy allows the National Cancer Institute to create a limitless number of targeted therapies in many forms. My response to their published Press Release. What blows my mind is that these guys are pretty smart and yet they don’t understand that these “mutations” are adaptations….’downstream epiphenomena’. If one wanted to reverse cancer, they would do whatever … Read More

Low Dose Chemotherapy Or IPT Predates Chemotherapy

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low dose therapy

Low dose chemotherapy or IPT targets cancer cells directly and does no harm to normal healthy cells. Low dose chemotherapy or insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) originated from Mexico. A Canadian physician, Dr. Steven Ayre, residing in the United States is credited with bringing this efficient non conventional cancer therapy to the US in the 1990’s. The Garcia family of physicians … Read More

What Cancer Teaches Us About Life

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what cancer teaches us about life

What cancer teaches us about life is to wake up and realize just how important health is to our survival. Part of a great prevention plan when talking about cancer is being around a community of people who are all aware of how critically important health is. This is what cancer teaches us about life and we need to pay … Read More