Why Is Taking Medicine For Cancer Necessary

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Taking medicine for cancer is necessary at present because in my opinion there is a lack of faith and understanding. Let me share why one who has faith and knowledge, requires no medicine for cancer. This story as an example of tremendous faith exhibited by an individual. A woman came to see me in June of 2001. She had stage … Read More

Is It Safe To Detox And Cleanse With A Liver Tumor

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Is it safe to detox and cleanse while having liver cancer? The answer is yes, it is safe to detox and cleanse while having a tumor in your liver. Let’s walk through the explanation of why it is safe from several different angles. The reason this cancer formed is from an accumulation of toxins. That accumulation of toxins sends in … Read More

Learn About Cancer From Dr. Thomas Lodi

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Learn about cancer from a leading authority on the subject and arm yourself with knowledge. Currently one out of two men and one out of three women will get cancer in their lifetime in America. It’s important for everyone to learn about cancer. Two critical reasons for this, the first is prevention and the second is having a game plan … Read More

Questions About Cancer For Your Oncologist

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The following are questions about cancer for your oncologist that are critical to know the answers to. However, getting those answers is another story altogether. Most oncologists will deflect and avoid answering questions about cancer and reiterate their treatment protocol they have come up with for you. That should make you question what it is they are telling you. Questions … Read More

Mastectomy Procedure As A Preventative Is Insane

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Is having a mastectomy procedure one that is needed in attempting to prevent breast cancer? No, it is not needed. What is needed is a thorough understanding on how to live a healthy life which in turns works as a natural preventative for cancer, period! Having a mastectomy procedure is a needless mutilation of a women’s body that is completely … Read More

Apricot Seeds For Cancer

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Apricot seeds for cancer treatments administered intravenously as B17 This article and video clearly explain the benefit that we have known for many years and the medical industry does there best to keep suppressed and hidden. An Oasis Of Healing originally published this article on apricot seeds for cancer and it needs to be shared far and wide so this … Read More

Treatment Alternatives For Cancer Which Is Best?

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Treatment alternatives for cancer have proven to be effective but is there one that’s better than the rest? Among the treatment alternatives for cancer is there a stand alone therapy that is better than the others in treating cancer? The quick answer is no, it does not exist and that concept goes against the biological laws of nature. Nature is … Read More

Prophylactic Mastectomy Is Not Needed

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Is a prophylactic mastectomy necessary in reducing one’s risk in getting breast cancer? The answer is no! A mastectomy is not needed in order to reduce a women’s chance of developing breast cancer. The mutilation of the body by way of a prophylactic mastectomy that we have seen over the years is very sad and just should not ever happen. … Read More

Cancer Is A Word Not A Sentence

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Cancer is a word not a sentence and it’s this dance your body is actively doing to help save your life. This is something that is quite unique to cancer. Before a normal functioning cells crosses over to become a cancer cell, the final event that takes place is it no longer has the capability to utilize oxygen. When this … Read More

Ozone Therapy Challenges Cancer Metabolically

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ozone therapy

Ozone Therapy has been used clinically since the 1940’s and is effective in treating cancer. The beauty of oxidative therapies is they are exactly what normal and healthy cells need and require to function optimally. Converserly, cancer cells are not able to handle oxygen from a metabolic point of view and can’t survive in this environment. The following is an … Read More