Healing Cancer In This Century Launches Soon

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Healing Cancer In This Century

The Healing Cancer In This Century online event launches on May 9th, reserve your place now for this spectacular one of a kind happening. I myself, Dr. Thomas Lodi will be a featured speaker along with over 40 Speakers including doctors/experts in the field of integrative/holistic/alternative cancer treatments, with Energy Healers from different modalities, experts in the fields of Emotional Healing … Read More

Learn How To Heal From Cancer Naturally

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learn how to heal from cancer naturally

Learn how to heal from cancer naturally by understanding what “healing” means. A person can learn how to heal from cancer naturally when they understand the brilliance of healing itself. When people understand their going to heal, that shows you they understand healing. To illustrate this point, if a person were to slice their finger while you’re cutting up some … Read More

Health is Not Something that Just Happens

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It seems as if the word “earn” with regards to health and disease is causing some confusion from a quote of mine posted recently.  This word is used to awaken people to the realization that they can have control over their health, hence their lives. We have been psychologically disempowered by false concepts and lies since the day we were … Read More