What Does Intermittent Fasting Mean?

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What Does Intermittent Fasting Mean

What does intermittent fasting mean and how can you use it for your benefit health wise?   Intermittent fasting translates simply to mean “healthy eating”. It is what is happening in nature all of the time. No animal eats daily in nature, it just doesn’t happen. Animals may eat for two straight days and then go an entire week without … Read More

Fasting Insulin Level Below Three

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Fasting Insulin Level Below Three Is The Target

People should strive for a fasting insulin level below three and then maintain it. People who are healthy and don’t live in a major city are in the perfect position for proper brain wave function. These people will alternate between delta, theta and alpha and back again. This helps keep their fasting insulin level below three. At or below three … Read More

Natural Remedies For Insulin Resistance Work

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Natural Remedies For Insulin Resistance

An Oasis of Healing has natural remedies for insulin resistance that help reverse that condition. We have solutions for people who would rather explore natural remedies for insulin resistance versus going the route of synthetic prescription drugs which cause a lot of damage internally. Doing things involving natural solutions is always best so your body can focus on healing and … Read More

Low Dose Chemotherapy Or IPT Predates Chemotherapy

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low dose therapy

Low dose chemotherapy or IPT targets cancer cells directly and does no harm to normal healthy cells. Low dose chemotherapy or insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) originated from Mexico. A Canadian physician, Dr. Steven Ayre, residing in the United States is credited with bringing this efficient non conventional cancer therapy to the US in the 1990’s. The Garcia family of physicians … Read More

Extreme Health Radio Show Features Dr. Thomas Lodi

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Extreme Health Radio Show

The Extreme Health Radio Show featured Dr. Thomas Lodi recently on their wonderful program. The Extreme Health Radio show is focused on promoting true health. Their focus is not treating just symptoms which is why it was an honor for Dr. Lodi to by interviewed by Justin Stellman. The following are highlights from the radio show. I will include the … Read More