Conventional Treatment For Cancer Vs Alternative Treatments

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Conventional Treatments For Cancer

Conventional treatment for cancer compared to alternative treatments and how important it is to understand the distinct differences between the two. Before there was increased awareness of alternative cancer treatments, the only considered effective path towards healing for many patients was through conventional protocols like chemotherapy and surgery. Conventional treatment for cancer uses a “war like” mentality where the patient … Read More

EMF Measurement And The Unknown Dangers

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EMF Measurement

EMF measurement is something that needs more attention as it relates to our health. Today we have to deal with something we can’t detect, EMF’s or electromagnetic fields and frequencies. EMF measurement of electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, signals, microwaves is needed as they are real and everywhere. We need a better understanding of the effects these unnatural frequencies have on us. … Read More

Extreme Health Radio Show Features Dr. Thomas Lodi

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Extreme Health Radio Show

The Extreme Health Radio Show featured Dr. Thomas Lodi recently on their wonderful program. The Extreme Health Radio show is focused on promoting true health. Their focus is not treating just symptoms which is why it was an honor for Dr. Lodi to by interviewed by Justin Stellman. The following are highlights from the radio show. I will include the … Read More

What Cancer Teaches Us About Life

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what cancer teaches us about life

What cancer teaches us about life is to wake up and realize just how important health is to our survival. Part of a great prevention plan when talking about cancer is being around a community of people who are all aware of how critically important health is. This is what cancer teaches us about life and we need to pay … Read More

The Three Fundamentals To Stop The Production Of Cancer

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the three fundamentals to stop the production of cancer

Let’s review the three fundamentals to stop the production of cancer.  The three fundamentals to stop the production of cancer that we use at our healing center are as follows. First we teach people how to stop making cancer. Secondly, we target and eliminate the cancer without harm to the body. And, thirdly, we naturally enhance the immune system which … Read More