The 2017 Vitality World Summit

the 2017 vitality world summitThe 2017 Vitality Summit is about to happen and Dr. Thomas Lodi will be a featured speaker.

We are excited to introduce you to our good friend and author, Steve Prussack, and his upcoming free online event , the 2017 Vitality World Summit.

Dr. Lodi, founder of An Oasis of Healing, will be speaking February 26th 2017 at 3pm pst. You can register for this free online event by visiting this link here.

There will also be more than 30 other leading doctors, authors, and experts on health, fitness, mindset, and achieving true vitality. This is an event not to be missed!

You’ll learn proven insights from the masters on how put more LIFE in your years without having to drastically change your lifestyle. Sign up here and make sure to reserve your virtual, front-row seat.

The live summit – happening February 22-26 2017 is completely FREE to join. It’s also virtual, so you can view it from anywhere. View it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, whichever is more convient for you.

And all of the interviews include video, so you can meet Steve, Dr. Lodi, and all the other experts face to face. We all want to be healthier, leaner, less stressed, sharper, and more vibrant as we (chronologically) age. If you’re still stuck thinking you can’t be, then you’re not living your life to the fullest as you should be.

After the age of 40, your metabolism generally slows down.  You gain weight easily.  You have a hard time maintaining energy to get through your day. You feel more aches and pains and it leaves you wondering why.

You tell yourself it must be your age…

You may even think this is a natural part of getting older. After all, our parents felt old in their forties.  And society tells you that once you’ve entered middle age, you should just pack it in. And you may even use that as an excuse for yourself.

But that just makes the problem worse.  Why?

  • You gain even more weight, feel less energy and reach for more coffee just to get through the day.
  • Simple aches and pains escalate into real illness… You may take medications that make you feel worse and create new side effects that wreak havoc on your body.
  • It’s a never-ending cycle that leads you to feel and look older than your chronological years.

Vitality isn’t just for the young. It’s possible to be vibrant even if you’re over 40.  You just need the right information because without it, you’re not only exhausted all the time…

You’re on a disastrous road to looking WAY older than your years, dragging around extra weight you can’t lose and even setting yourself up for serious disease.

The 2017 Vitality World Summit will Show You that You Can Feel better, healthier and More Vibrant as You Age… And You Don’t Need Drugs, Fads or Caffeine to Experience It.

We’ve gathered the leading doctors, bestselling authors and experts in natural health, mindset and longevity to reveal the blueprint for a vibrant life… no matter what your age.

Don’t give into self-limiting beliefs and prophecies because you’re about to receive the key to the road less traveled.

You’re going to discover another way to live…

The 2017 Vitality World Summit will ignite your life in a way you’ve never seen or even imagined:

  • By the end of the 5-day summit, you’re going to have so many “ah-ha” moments… you’ll finally realize where you’ve been going wrong.
  • You’ll be ready to rewrite the rest of your life and experience an energy you never imagined regaining.
  • You’ll be bursting inside with ecstatic energy, wanting to share you’re new discoveries with everyone you love…

Because you’ll realize.. it really works!

The truth has never been revealed like this before… and you are about to get a front-row pass to these masterclass trainings.

Because … “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the LIFE in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln

Register for free, click here.

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