The Healing Appetite Represents True Health

the healing appetiteThe film documentary, The Healing Appetite, will clearly show the potential of the human body to heal itself given the right conditions.

In the opening of this wonderful film, the healing appetite, I’m quoted as saying “the problem with the human race is that it doesn’t think it’s part of nature”. We need to shift this way of thinking as it’s incredibly destructive.

I am featured as one of the lead experts in one of the most eye-opening films of the year. The movie tracks the transformational journey of 10 individuals with various health conditions that completed the world’s most successful detox program executed by the famous nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton. The movie includes the world’s leading experts in health being interviewed demonstrating the power the human body possesses where it can heal itself when given the right set of conditions.

The Healing Appetite will show you the following in this wonderful film

  • Watch a 10-day experiment where 10 people experience a 10-day detox and more
  • Watch people who want to overcome obesity, depression, skin problems, and other ailments
  • Watch interviews where experts discuss exercise, cancer, health, and living according to our biological needs.

The Healing Appetite will be launching very soon! Watch the official trailer below.

This film documentary also shows by adjusting your lifestyle and what you consume that you can reverse disease. Disease is the absence of health so by getting on a path to health, what is labeled as disease will disappear.

The mammoth diet and weight loss industries are based on lies and deception and they are profiting heavily with your demise. This film will help you navigate through all the deception and give you clear direction towards a path of true health.

It will also discuss why people get chronically ill and the steps to become a healthy individual. It will talk about how we all can survive without doctors, medication and therapy.

So, who is behind the making of The Healing Appetite, it’s a company called LifeCo. They have a lifestyle model based on their expertise in the areas of nutrition, the flexibility of the human body, mental wellness and when all tied together they help people achieve good health. They operate detox and health facilities in the UK, Thailand and Turkey. They have helped improve the lives of thousands of individuals through their customized programs. They have a love for holistic health as their primary motivation is towards healing and putting a smile on people’s faces.

The people of this earth have been exposed to more toxins in the past 50 years than all the generations combined previous to us. It’s time you learned how to navigate through all this nastiness.

I do hope you take the time to watch the trailer and get access so when the movie premieres you are the first to see it and share it with as many people you care about as possible. In addition to myself being one of the featured experts being interviewed, you will also see Andrea Lambert, Vince Stark, Bedreddin Ulusoy, Amanda Hamilton and Anjeza Sulaj.

I hope you enjoy The Healing Appetite!

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