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To Eat or not to Eat

An important topic on whether to fast, juice or eat.
In this eye opening video, Dr. Lodi discusses:
– why not eating is equally important to eating
– what is vitality
– how to maintain our energy
– what happens inside the cells
– how do cells clean out toxins
– why is fasting necessary
– how many meals a day should we eat
– and much more…

2nd Opinion regarding a Cancer Diagnosis

What does a second opinion really mean?
If you are looking for a different view on what cancer is, how did it come about and what are the necessary steps to eliminate it, ask for a 2nd opinion from an alternative doctor, an you will get a different approach.
What is the solution? Watch the video for this answer.

Healing Cancer with Life’s Energy – Dr Thomas Lodi

Thomas Lodi,MD(H) presents information about how a regimen of proper diet provides the energy and raw materials to build new, healthy and vibrant cells which mitigates or eliminates certain cancers.

Cancer is a Life Saving Mechanism

Dr. Thomas Lodi explains the ‘disease model’ and the nature of nature…and how it relates to cancer. He further explains homeostasis and it’s corrective measures as well as the #1 reason why he ‘loves cancer’! (yes, I know…pretty bold statement, right?)

How Much Protein to Consume on a Plant Based Diet?

In this video, Dr. Lodi explains what protein really is, how protein works, where do we get it, and most importantly, how much protein do we need to consume on a daily basis.

The Myths of Disease and Cancer – with Dr Thomas Lodi

Dr Lodi speaking in Las Vegas about how the body makes no mistakes and is always seeking homeostasis. When there is intervention in the body’s natural processes with medications this mechanism is blocked and the body becomes susceptible to cancer.

Raw Food Nutrition, Eating for Energy, Health, and Disease

In a TV show Dr.Thomas Lodi speaks about Raw Food Nutrition, Eating for Energy, Health, and Disease – with Ina Mohan

Benefits of Fasting and Eating Raw Vegan

Dr.Lodi Speaks about Benefits of Fasting and Eating Raw Vegan

What is Cancer? Why Do We Get Cancer, Diabetes and Other Diseases?

The Truth About Cancer and Disease – Why Do We Get Cancer, Diabetes and Other Diseases?

Dr. Thomas Lodi, Holistic oncologist who says colonics are foundational to his treatment program

Dr. Lodi speaks, how colonics are the first thing they do for cancer patients at his Oasis of Healing. He also addresses the value of fasting and explains in detail why the colon must be detoxed before healing can begin.

Is it Hunger or Appetite ? – Dr Thomas Lodi

Is it HUNGER or APPETITE? Do you know the difference? Thomas Lodi, MD(H) explains how to create the perfect environment for healthy digestion and disease prevention.

Healing After Chemotherapy – Dr Thomas Lodi

What if one decided to have chemotherapy? Are they able to get healthy and rid their body’s of chemicals after chemotherapy?
It’s never too late to stop ‘toxifying’ your body. The body will start its own healing and starts cleansing. It is what the body does naturally!